keytweeter was a year-long performance driven by a custom application that automatically posted every 140 characters I typed directly to Twitter. This video was recorded in the middle of that performance.

With help from Twitter (thank you @episod) I've recovered almost the entire archive and made it available for download on Google Code, along with a basic app for visualizing the tweets:

keytweeter died when I deleted the shortcut from my "startup" folder, but it survives in my behavior and intuitions. I've come to feel that keystrokes are somehow valuable: an irrevocable act of information creation, to be chosen carefully and respectfully. I'm more cautious about misspelling things (though I never grew self conscious about writing code). More disturbingly, I can now see through a facade of connectedness I developed.

I've seen at least a dozen other changes in myself over the course of the performance. Some make me excited for the social potential of complete openness and freedom of information, others make me very reluctant to engage with the evolving web.

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