DJ Ramon was born and raised at a little magnificent village of North Greece which is the Stratoni of Chalikidiki. His wandering in the world of music has started at the tender age of 12 years old when he accomplished his first appearance as DJ at the local club with great success.
The winter of 1991, as he was only 13 years old, he makes his first show in one of the top clubs of Thessaloniki and this performance is the key which opens the door for his career as DJ.
While he was chasing his dream he will get the opportunity to be tested at one of the most famous clubs of Athens on 1996. Since then Dj Ramon has achieved to corporate with great famous Greek artists like , Valantis, George Giasemis, Nikos Kourkoulis, Angala Dimitriou, Dimitris Binazis, Alkmini Hatzigianni Konstantino Dande, and Antoni Sgouro just to mention a few of them.
2009 he attempts to entertain the audience of a local radio station and even though he managed to do it with huge success this was not enough for him, as he felt stacked in the studio. He stayed put on his basic principal which is that he as a DJ must has a close and direct contact with his funs.
2013 finds him launching new temptations by taking part at the music band of Giannis Sidiras with a bunch of world famous artists such as Nikos Touliatos one of the top drum performer.

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