KAROKH - TSJUDER (official music video)

Christian Winther composed "Tsjuder" when he was apart of holding an animation workshop for Sami school children in Snåsa, Norway. Inspired by the Sami folk tales and the animated works of the children, Tsjuder was always meant to be both music and video. The next summer Christian Winther and Magnus Nergaard from Karokh, together with the help from the well known filmmaker Kine Aune, shot the video in the seashore surroundings around Ålesund. Its a mix of childrens animation, seaweed and seagulls, contemplated with the recorded music of Karokh.

Directed by Christian Winther
Produced by Christian Winther, Magnus Nergaard and Kine Aune
Music by Karokh


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