Counterpoint, the think tank of the British Council, held a two day conference as part of their, The Inner Lives of Cultures project.

Taking place February 25-6, 2010, in Brussels, it brought together keynote speaker Tzvetan Todorov, leading lights from the academy in all its many shades, filmmakers, authors, translators, and cultural relations practitioners, from around the world.

They were there to talk about the Inner Lives of Cultures, in the hope that, by exploring the whispered, or tacit, discourses of individual cultures, the dialogue between us all can become deeper, more informed, and more productive.

Kenan Malik, broadcaster, author, scientist, speaks to Nick Wadham-Smith about the need to get beyond the idea of discrete, rigid, homogenous cultures that need to be bridged, to an understanding of how we all simultaneously inhabit multiple cultures.

To find out more about the Inner Lives of Cultures project, the Brussels conference, and the wider thought-world of cultural relations, visit

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