Tigers In Peril is a tablet application designed to raise awareness and advocate citizen action to protect wild tigers worldwide. In 2010, I worked with the World Wildlife Fund as China's Youth Tiger Ambassador to attend the International Tiger Summit in Russia. As the only designer participated, I was inspired by the NGOs' work and thus I used this design project as an opportunity to continue advocating on behalf of tigers, informing the public on the global plight, and inspiring more people to get involved in conservation efforts.

Built with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, this application uses digital publication as a way to inform the mass public about the urgency of protecting the wild tigers while providing a fun and rewarding reading experience. Through the interface, the user discovers information with simple, intuitive behaviors. By integrating interactive info graphics, interactive maps, video and audio effects, etc, this application allows the users to better engage with wildlife protection, and at the mean time provides a continuing flow for users to transfer reading interests into advocacy.

Part of Xiaochen Yang's graduate works at Art Center College of Design, Media Design Practices.
More info about the project:

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