Thinking Particles 5.0 and 3ds max 2013. About 15 working days to set up TP. Used layered cache - its very cool and very powerfull, you don`t need to cache MasterDynamic for all sim or cache each Set ony-by-one - you can sim your DynSets by stages, including previous.
In this scene I have 4 "layers" for caching:
1) base big walls, floors with rough fracturing - this layer was so fast to sim and its help me to get final "shape" of all destruction by comments.
2) balcony, collums were atteched to first cached layer using breakable joints. There is no calculation for previous layer.
3) interior walls collapsing with 2 previous cached layers.
4) windows and doors with joints + additional fracturing for walls + small debris + fittings.
How you can see - this sim has increased detalization step-by-step and preserve tuned action and shape from beginning to final.
Sim size - layer 1 - 2gb, layer 2 - 4gb, layer 3 - 12gb, layer 4 - 48gb.
Sim time for all layers - about 22 hours for 200 frames. Last layer takes 16 hours, fisrt - about 40 min.
Thanks for watching =)

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