UPDATED EXPLANATION: This video is almost ancient history even though its only 18 months old. That's because Leo and the team have moved the centre of production down the road to a purpose built studio complex. The TWIT cottage was rented and so by August 2011 will be empty. I think this is going to be a useful video to look back on in the coming years to see how the "This Week in Tech" empire has grown from humble beginnings. New studio tour is here: inside.twit.tv/blog/2011/6/21/new-studio-tour.html

I dropped by Leo's production centre in the heart of Petaluma, Northern California at the start of February 2010. The town is about a half hour's drive North of the Golden Gate Bridge, at the foot of Sonoma County, the famous wine belt of Northern California. It has been used a backdrop for "American Graffiti" and "Peggy Sue Got Married."

Leo has been a pioneer in creating tech podcasts, developing a business out his popular radio show on KFI, and the remnants of Tech TV. Interested to hear his views on the future of radio, i.e. why HD-Radio might not make it. Also thanks to Dane Golden and Colleen Kelly who were kind enough to share insights on the back office behind the This Week in Tech network. They have both gone on to do other great things in the tech industry.

Follow the live streams at twit.tv. Little known fact: we share a friend in the voice-over business. The first words on each TWiTcast are voiced by Jim Cutler, a long time friend of the Media Network shows I used to produce and present for Radio Netherlands.

I originally made this video to show to broadcast colleagues in Ghana and Benin, which is why Leo refers to West Africa.

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