The Peel is a documentary of the Canadian Northern Landscape seen through the eyes of a group of artists as they experience the north for the first time. Paddling into the Arctic Circle through the Peel River Watershed of Yukon/Northwest Territories, the documentary will follow their journey through the land—it's wildlife & people—as they document and express the experience in their art form.

Given The Peel's tenuous state and uncertain future, it is a documentary of adventure, of art, culture and Canadian identity. But most importantly it is a documentary about people, and the fragility of seeing something for the first--and potentially the last--time.

The Peel will showcase each artist in parallel to the story of the watershed, and upon returning the artist's work will be exhibited and tour alongside the release of the film.

Credit to the following sources:
Biological Montoring-Invertebrate Sampling
Field Survey of Macroinvertebrates in Susquehanna River Basin
Macroinvertebrate Sampling (February 2014)
Macroinvertebrates and Water Quality
Protect the Peel River Watershed - Wilderness Internat

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