Many of today’s youth, much of them minorities, are struggling to graduate high school and even more so move forward into higher education. In the U.S. alone almost 6% of African American public school students drop out before graduation. Although these rates are slowly declining, millions of taxpayer’s dollars are being dumped into systems that have been proven not work. And more often then not, when someone brings a different method of teaching that shows real results to the table, they’re ideals and mentality are kicked to the curb.

Henri Harper is an award-winning advocate for teaching and training diverse groups of teens with real-world education. His soul mission is to create an atmosphere based on friendship and trust between himself and his students. He created a program to do just that in one of Iowa’s school districts called Fas Trac. Sometimes his tactics can be seen as highly energized or in your face, however, success rates for high school and college graduates who partook in the program speak for themselves. Despite this evidence, Fas Trac was eventually scrapped and without proper funding the program crumbled.

Perspectives is a video series by Diversity Focus highlighting people's voices on topics of diversity.

In this episode, we introduce you to Henri Harper.

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