My Mind's Eye: A Series of Video Interviews on Mind and Brain.
Episode 2 - How Free Is Your Will? An interview with Michael Gazzaniga
Professor of Psychology and the Director for the SAGE Center for the Study of Mind at the University of California Santa Barbara
© 2014 Imaginal Disc

Host: Joseph LeDoux.
Writer-Director: Alexis Gambis.
Producer: Rose Meacham.
Camera: Alejandro Meija.
Editor: Leo Ghysels
Administrative Support: Will Chang.
Production Assistants: Danabelle Ignes, Janna Kyllastinen, Rodolfo Fermin.

Band members: Joseph LeDoux, Tyler Volk, Amanda Thorpe, Daniela Schiller

Special thanks to Loren Schwartz, Jerry Fennell, and John Werner of the NY State Supreme Court for arranging the video shoot at 60 Centre Street in New York.

Thanks also to Jennifer Brout and Tim Sommer of Knock Out Noise for permission to use the audio recording of "How Free Is Your Will," and to Stuart Chatwood for engineering assistance with the track.

"How Free Is Your Will" is from the 2010 CD Theory of My Mind by The Amygdaloids on the Knock Out Noise label.

Supported by Imagine Science Films

Supported by The Emotional Brain Institute

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