This project is a social justice digital storytelling initiative that seeks to raise funds to highlight how art is used for social change in Ghana & Brazil for women & LGBT rights.


The name: Uhuru, in Swahili, means freedom and Liberdade in Portuguese, means freedom!
The purpose: The Uhuru, Liberdade: Artistic Expressions for Freedom Project seeks to highlight how various forms of art are used as social justice or social change tools in both Ghana and Brazil for women's and LGBT rights, as well as anti-racism initiatives. This digital storytelling social justice project will use both documentary-style photography and videography uploaded to an interactive website to tell the stories of artists, organizations and communities that use artistic forms of expression to promote change and bring peace, unity and freedom to their commuinities.

The importance: Injustice among women and LGBTQ communities, as well as groups of color is a global phenomenon. Millions of women, girls and LGBTQ individuals are physically abused, sexually exploited, structurally marginalized and socially discriminated against. Human beings all over the world are mistreated, harmed and violated simply because of learned prejudice and who they are as people!

Why art? Art has the ability to touch and reach us on a spiritual and emotional level, appealing to our higher senses. Powerful, striking and beautiful images have the ability to speak to us and speak for us, often when we're unable to do so ourselves.

Through the creation of art, many advocacy groups, organizations and individual artists art able to raise awareness to these widespread issues and promote a) education, b) unity and c) enact support to bring justice for these causes. Art is also a) very empowering for both the artist and viewer, b) shifts stigmas and stereotypes and c) promotes outward social-political action which inspires social change.

In capturing the stories of these artistic social justice efforts in Accra, Ghana and Southeastern Brazil, I aim to shed light on the various social issues in these countries, but moreover highlight the amazing artistic expressions used to break down social injustices and promote social transformation. With YOUR funds and support, this initiative will thrive and unite people globally!

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