Hansel & Gretel RE:Imagined
Act II - Zebbler Encanti Experience vs Clever Girl
Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Pozen Center, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Together Festival and Zebbler brought you Hansel and Gretel - RE:Imagined, a live 5 act audio-visual theater done by some of the best a/v acts in New England. Each act got their own part of the story to perform in whichever insane way they chose to. A gramophone-like narration of the story kept the audience reminded of what page they're on between the acts. Performances were followed by a dance party, featuring the acts/VJs involved in this 21st century story-telling act.

Performance credits:

VJ - Zebbler
Audio compositions by Clever Girl (Lee Orlandi and Brian Spatola), Encanti and Zebbler
Keys - Brian Spatola, Zebbler
Guitars - Lee Orlandi, Brian Spatola
Vocals - Zebbler
Drum machine, beats - Encanti

Performance video credits:

Video editing/post - Zebbler
Hansel - John Dill
Gretel - Dorothy "Cookies" Bassett
Owl animation - Laura Piraino
Bear animation - Katya Popova
Hansel and Gretel illustration - Katya Popova
Costumes - Tess Lee
Lighting - Sean Stevens
Cameras - John Dill, Andrea Zampitella
Shot @ GlitchLoft, Boston
Gingerbread House - Zebbler, Charlotte, Kate and post-Christmas candy discounts

Video documentation credits:

Editing/post - Zebbler
Videography - Travis Vautour, Andrea Zampitella, Hanna Elise Furey
Additional thanks to Josh Kastorf and Eventworks

Audio recording/mixing by Encanti

Opening summary narration:
voice - Katya Popova
audio engineer - Nick Colangelo (Vinyl Blight)


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