Beautifully-designed perceptual art app
Have fun learning the alphabet while playing hide-and-seek

Parent and child can learn the alphabet and pronunciation together while playing
In this perceptual art app, you look for letters hidden inside animals and birds such as elephants and flamingoes while playing a game that feels like hide-and-seek. Parent and child can enjoy learning the alphabet and pronunciation together. We hope that through this app, children around the world will be able to communicate with rich sensitivity.

The “A to Z Alphabet Book” released in 1985 has been reborn as an educational app.
This is the second app from graphic designer and picture book designer Osamu Nakatani. His “A to Z Alphabet Book,” released in 1985, has been given new life in a brand new format with the addition of sounds and animation that could not be depicted in a book. Simply designed animals. A world of unique colors. This is a work that can be enjoyed not just by children but by adults too.

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