Our wandering dog has made his way to the edge of the city and is reminded of his past.

Production Notes:

This is the third episode of my series and I really wanted to make sure I could give it the best treatment I could.
The story in this episode is inspired by feelings of nostalgia and how something as simple a blanket can trigger powerful memories.

The entire episode was animated using Flash on a Cintiq. Working on this project has really let me test out my abilities not only with drawing and telling a story but also with creating the soundtrack and FX.

I’m quite proud that I managed to plonk out all the heartfelt tunes in Garageband. Also all the voice work and Foley were recorded in my room. Certain sounds were fun like figuring out how to replicate a smash by dropping some Lego and a harmonica.

Finally the single parent cats voice was mine. I had a good laugh. :)

© Eric Cao 2014

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