3D animatied Mapping for my cousin wedding party.
The content is based on their experiences and hobbies.
Congratulations!!! Felicitats!!!

Duration: 10 minutes aprox.
Creation time: 1 month and a half / mixed with other projects.
Location: Vilar Rural Sant Hilari Sacalm ( Catalonia )

We really wanted to include much more things, but we didn't have time to, and also we would love to polish all the animations but we had to choose between create more scenes, or add details and refine the animations, and because it was a projection mapping, we went to get more impressive effects, rather than smoother animations!!
You can hear some applause at the end, so I guess they liked. :)

Emi Shibayama.
Character design, custom textures, and Art Direction
Ignacio Mullor.
Animation, Modelling, compositing, edditing, Sound FX, Particle FX, cloth simulation and everything else.

Equipment Setup in Vilar Rural Sant Hilari Sacalm by 3MIC Espectacles.

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