Some quick test shots of an old roll of Kodachrome 40 with a Yashica Super Electro 800 camera with a modified gate to allow the image to film over the area designated for sound striping. The enlarged gate on my projector made it possible to telecine this area.

Many of the shots were from long to short since I wanted to make sure there were no focusing issues (I had read focal lengths could be an issue on some cameras with this modification).

I used the oldest film I have just to get an idea of this camera. More testing (with better stock) to follow.

The Yashica Super Electro 800 is a fully automatic-metering camera, and on some of them the readings swing wildly back and forth especially when measuring from f 16 and up (perhaps due to their cds' age). Glad to have found this one was pretty steady.

DIY Telecine

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