Welfare payments are an inalienable right in Australia and part of the 'commonwealth' distribution of the Nation. ACA is playing propaganda games demonising those receiving the payments as if there is no entitlement, all whilst billions of dollars in resources are shipped to China, and massive amounts of money sent to groups like United Nations and foreign bodies.

Then you can ask why so much manufacturing has been sent to China and India without any protection to home made products. Research Lisbon Treaty and the GATT agreement. The jobs are not there for all Australians to be working for proper wages, to support proper families, and buy essentials like a home and other goods to the level that a rich nation should be able to supply.

The best system is zero tax, zero interference in business, but we don't have that, so there has to be a welfare system.

ACA. Welfare Nation. (ACA Propaganda On Centrelink Recipients) 20140630

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