Learn how to move, rotate and scale in Clara.io, the online 3D modeling and rendering web app.


It is sometimes easier to work if you can see your objects from multiple different views. To switch between a single and multiple viewports click the maximize button in the corner of the viewport.

Each view has a label here describing its type. This view is perspective, this one is right, here is top and this last one is set to the current camera. You can click on this label to switch this viewport to a different view.

The tools that change the location, orientation and size of objects are located here. Using these tools you can move.... rotate.... and scale.... The manipulator gizmos that are shown when in these modes are color coded, red is for the x axis, green is for the y axia sna blue is for the z axis.

You can use these manipulators on a single object, on groups of objects or on parts of an object (which are called components.)

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