This is the Standalone prototype of the Logik Alpha ground control system.
Final version will have the Video link / telemetry screen and will be declined in 3 versions :

- Lightweight case ( laptop rigid case) with 17 inches screen, and full control panel
- Standard version with integrated video and touch screen
- Wrist version ( watch size) with Savimex HUD system for army / law enforcement / civilian security

We can connect this system to any kind of RF module, whatever the protocol is, it is also possible to link it to a trainer standard transmitter for trainer / student flight, and it is fully programmable including specific sequences (redirect control to payload, lock functions..)

We actually have working code for the Autoquad and DJI Wookong /A2 /Naza and Mikrokopter.

A special multi rotor will be available also for mission oriented tasks.

This project has been initiated several years ago and could be finalized with the continuous support of 3D Connexion ( Raik Brauns and Uwe Rechkemmer), and we have been working with Tiago Gonclaves and David Cook all together on this project.

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