The WiFi-Denti-Fier is an interactive experience that uses a cast of original 3D characters to help customers pick the perfect Internet plan.

Time Warner Cable needed a way to educate customers about their Internet usage. Rather than building another boring bandwith calculator, Firstborn created an experience with much more personality.

The WiFi-Denti-Fier is an engaging, interactive tool that helps users find the perfect Internet plan. Just describe yourself, your household and what kinds of devices you use and the WiFi-Denti-Fier does the rest. It creates a personalized plan recommendation to help protect you against an overworked router.

Everything was conceived, created and developed in-house. From the original characters, to 3-D animation and responsive infographics. The site was built to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Time Warner’s WiFi-Denti-Fier proves that bandwidth calculators don’t need to be boring and they definitely don’t need to look like a calculator. Even the most technical tasks can be given a human touch when you’re willing to step outside of the expected.

— Full case

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