13th edition of Alte ArteTV program

Year of production: 2005
Length: 30'

Editor-in-chief of the program: Stefan Rusu
Image editor: Denis Bartenev
Project producer: KSAK Center, Chisinau


The 13th edition of TV program realized in 2005 comprises video works that reuse in some cases the format of a standard TV report (Artist Aurel David), some other is a investigation of the re-branding of stolen Spanish vine methodology (Jeres) or a deconstruction of a myth related to the cultural identity of the "Moldovans" (LAZO). The program also includes in the sections titled "Gallery" and "Artist Corner" some short videos by Veaceslav Druta (The portret of L.I.Brejnev) and Serghei Turcanu (Adio Patria).

As editor-in-chief of AATV Project Stefan Rusu was responsible for the production and content of a number programs (11th, 13th produced in 2005 and also the programs from 25th - 31st produced in 2006-2007). The editorial strategy of the TV program he developed dealt with decontamination of cultural environment and promotion of contemporary art practices and artists positions in the society.

Alte Arte TV project was a collaboration between [KSA:K] Center (Chisinau) and Relations (Berlin) founded by Culturshtiftung, Germany. The main purpose of this project being the production of a 30 minutes TV program, dedicated to the promotion of Contemporary Art practices and artists positions in the society, broadcasting twice a month. During the production period that last until January 2007 a total number of 31 TV programs (30 minutes length) has been produced and broadcasting on the National TV channel- “Moldova 1”. 

The program was conceived and curated by Stefan Rusu in the capacity of editor-in-chief of the program.

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