Klink (klink.com) is a new sales productivity platform. Thanks to its deep machine learning capabilities, Klink instantly couples CRM data with a database of over 600 million phone numbers in real-time to enhance every customer calls and meetings with relevant social and business information. Additionally, users can update their CRM records immediately after a call with very little effort on their part.

★ Access real-time social and CRM information on your callers when your phone is ringing, even if the caller’s number is not in your address book or your company records.
★ Automatically add a note or update your CRM with detailed information after each call.
★ Get notified on your computer screen and access customer or business information before you pick up the phone. Pair your desktop with Klink for Chrome to get notified of incoming calls.
★ Quick and easy set up. Ready to use within minutes, no IT needed.
★ Enterprise-grade security and encryption. Secure storage and backups.

Based out of SoHo, NYC, Klink is a big data company that bridges the gap between enterprise data, the telephone, and the internet. Its technology vastly increases the value of customer data, and is poised to radically change the way professionals make and receive calls.

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