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What defines a brand? Is it a positioning statement? Is it an exercise that clearly outlines brand identity? --

When we set out to understand what really defines our brand we didn't find the answer in the HCL brand positioning. Nor did a dissection of the HCL brand identity give us an answer. We found the answer in our people. Today, 95,000 Ideapreneurs are changing the world one relationship at a time. And they're doing it by taking their relationships with their customers beyond the contract.

At HCL, our approach to engagements is best described by the word 'relationship'. Because every relationship -- be it between family members, friends, colleagues, or clients and vendors -- operates based on a contract, whether written or unwritten. But beautiful relationships, like the one captured in this short film, that benefit both parties are sustained by emotions, behavior, and actions that go beyond that explicit or implied contract.
In business, a contract can safeguard all that is in within the "span of control". But in today's uncertain world where business and macro environment are seeing new challenges and undergoing changes every day, what makes an engagement truly worthwhile is that which cannot be scripted in any contract. It's a simple thing called values. We believe that our values of Trust, Transparency and Flexibility fuelled by our philosophy of 'Employees First', is what will ensure a continued defense of our customers' interests. For these values nourish a relationship from outside the box, empowering every day innovation by thousands of our employees interfacing with your system lifelines and critical business processes. While we have institutionalized this Innovation through unique platforms such as Value Portal and MAD JAM, our Alternative propositions such as ALT ASM, Enterprise of the Future, Digital Systems Integration, Enterprise Functions as a Service, Innovation Monetization and zCMO ensure that we are able to deliver "relevant" business value in real-time despite changing times.

At HCL we don't use contracts to save our skin. We believe in taking every relationship beyond the contract by putting our own skin in the game through collaboration, applied innovation and new generation partnership models that put our customers' interests above all else. 'Relationship Beyond the Contract' doesn't simply define HCL's brand positioning or its brand identity. It is a spirit that's alive in our 90,000 Ideapreneurs who are passionate about only one thing- making our customers' business more efficient through everyday innovation.

And that is the brand we are.

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