Copbot walk render 01 HIREZ

Same animation on 2 different start locations of our tracked front projected scene.

Filmed with Canon5d, tracked with Syntheyes, model made in Max3d, textured using Modo and PS, animated in Blender, scene setup and render in Modo401, comp in After effects CS4. Say that 10 times fast! :)

Tall did some nice extras on the animation of this clip...feet for example retract as they hit the ground...the rest you can't see too well on this rez of render.

I can't believe someone hasn't hired this guy yet!
Whoever does HIRE HIM>>>has to promise to let him have some free time to help out in future!!!! :)

Otherwise...on render/comp...Always issues to fix. ARGH!

Slipping in the CG element if you look at the feet carefully. Have to adjust the ground plane??...cause the ground is not flat in this clip..will have to re render anyhooow!

The first part of the clip with the bot walking toward the camera has added AO pass which I added in addition to the shadow pass -after I received some feedback on shadows not looking correct- If you compare to the pillars shadow, I think it was pretty close to accurate. Sometimes real doesn't look real enough, so adding some more density on the shadows might help.

The issue I had is that the shadow catcher is only a small poly under the bot and I have to get it integrated better in the you can see some matte artifacts in the first part of the the second clip I got it looking better a bit.

Sound is a cutup of the "walking" soundFX Jay did...I dropped it in quick to match the big steps and filler for the rest.

vfx, cg, mecha, compositing,film,modo,after effects,front projection,3d,animation,Blender,Photoshop,Syntheyes,Canon5d,tracking , matchmove

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