Watch out! Motion graphics just got easy. In today's Summit we'll be covering how to make any animation look high-end and professional. Learn to do all this in a fraction of the time you'd expect. I recently saw a video Seth Eckert put together ( and realized a similar effect could be achieved very easily using my Motion script. So I put together this educational video going over the process/workflow of creating this smooth house build.

You can find a link to the Motion script below. You do not need it to do this tutorial, but I recommend it because it's a MASSIVE timesaver.

I used the Mt. Mograph - Motion script for this video. This script will change how change how you animate, free you from the Graph Editor and make your keyframes absolute rockstars. Check it out!


USE THE PROMO CODE (FOR $5 OFF): motion party

Get your learn on,
Matt Jylkka

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