All actions are fictional / Alle Handlungen sind frei erfunden

Title: “Fragments” – Shortfilm

A stranger remembers his night out with friends.
His vision gets distorted, as he starts to feels the effects of the night.
Documenting a train ride, the walk to the venue, the actual party
and random street scenes during and after the party.
They are laughing, having fun, taking drugs. The journey is their destination.
In the beginning you see the story through his eyes,
this is interrupted by a friends interaction with his girlfriend who stayed home that night.
They miss each others calls, something that likely already happened to all of us before.
There is a lot of distance between them but not so much in their feelings.
The waterfall illustrates his rush while her feeling the water pour down.
This is what bounds them together in a dramatically manner.
The flashbacks of nature intend to illustrate his thoughts and state of mind,
in conflict to the city environment.

I always tend to study different people and their mood.
Especially at parties people often aren’t as happy as you would expect them to be.
There are many reasons for this cause, this short is an explanation why we are only
present in the part during some evenings.

Filmed in 60p converted to 24p which equals 40% slow-motion to enhance the emotional impact.
Color correction to match a dark, red and yellow tone to support the atmosphere created
by street lights and club lightning.

Shot with hacked GH2, Voigtländer 25mm 0.95 and Sigma 30mm 1.4


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