Albers XL
offset print on 50lb. text,
91, ten by ten-inch modules
1,000 ten by ten-inch, 8-page specimen booklets

Albers XL is a modular display face created by Jeremiah Chiu and Renata Graw, and inspired by Josef Albers’ Kombinations-Schrift. It consists of three geometric modules: a square, a circle, and a quarter circle. When used in combination, these simple shapes form any letter, number, or symbol. The intention of this type system is to communicate simple ideas across large areas. Fixed onto a large wall within the exhibition space, 91 ten by ten-inch modules are tiled together to create the fragment phrase, “Abstraction is Real,” invoking the Albers quote, “Abstraction is real, probably more real than nature.” Nearby, a pile of specimen booklets are stacked on a pedestal, inviting the viewer to take these modules home with them. Inside, directions read: “For best results, use ’wheat-pasting‘ methods to apply your message to any surface,” encouraging the viewer to experiment and express his or her own ideas.

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