9-year old Gabriel had a wish to be a park ranger. When Yosemite got word of his dream, they stepped up to the plate, in a VERY big way. Watch it first, then look at the shoot details below.

Shoot Details:
My AC and I went up to Yosemite 1 day before Gabriel's wish to get establishing B-roll and to try and capture the magnificence that is Yosemite. For the interviews I used RedRockMicro's One Man Crew...a dream to work with.

That same day we also shot an interview with the Mom and Gabriel. The wish day was a long one, starting early in the morning and ending early evening. Gabriel was a trooper.

I had a second camera operator and sound guy on the wish day, to help with alternate angles since it was run-n-gun the entire day. Plus, I HATE doing audio! My sound guy had a new bluetooth wireless receiver thing that he wanted to try out on the MoVI since it weighs like nothing. It worked, like 10% of the time, so since I had NO other audio reference on my Epic, I had to manually sync everything in post! AHHHHH!!!

Unfortunately there was a news crew from CBS who got priority access, got to ride in the vehicles with Gabriel, was always on scene first, etc. So we had to stay farther back and get what we could in terms of coverage.

I was operating on the MoVI the entire day and stuck with a focal length of 50mm Zeiss Contax 2.8, since there wasn't really any time to do any lens swapping. I had 2nd cam fitted with my 80-200 f4 Contax. He had RPP's, but I wanted the look to be consistent, plus, the Contax are amazing!!! I had him on a monopod the entire day so the longer shots would be more stable, as opposed to hand-holding or shoulder-mounting.

We all rode in my truck, so as soon as we would role up on a scene, Will would bail out of the car as quickly as he could to get some establishing shots/sometimes they had already started the next mini event. I would immediately follow with the MoVI. My AC was pulling focus using RedRockMicro's Micro Remote (performs flawlessly), while I was operating in Majestic Mode. Used my Cinemizers for framing, and Jason, my AC had a SmallHD AC7.

I had Will shoot at around f5.6, while I shot between 2.8-4.
We over cranked here and there for effect.
Shot 5K WS at 8:1 compression.
Edited and graded in FCPX.

Gear Used:
(2) RED Epic's
MoVI M10
RedRockMicro's One Man Crew and MicroRemote Wireless Follow Focus
Zeiss Contax Lenses
Manfrotto Monopod for second camera
Tiffen Vari-ND's

For the 4K version of this short, please watch it here: youtube.com/watch?v=gRl1cpR-eF8

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