A robot I modeled, rigged, textured and animated
Inspired by the Geth from Mass Effect :)
as a practice to improve my rigging skills .
Rendered in real time in Viewport 2.0 using DX 11 shaders .
-Rig has IK\FK controls to legs, arms and spine.
-Bendy limbs ("bend bones") to most parts of his body. for cartoon fast movement effect.
-retractable guns in both hands.
-both cartoon and realistic recoil effect.
-Adjustable arms (in 2 places) and legs length.
-Stretchy spine which can be turned ON or OFF.
-Shutter effect for the eye.
-Controls for chest "Core" , which works on expressions, to control rotation ON or OFF, rotation speed, what color, speed of color change.
Will upload the rig to my site soon for free use: etayherz.wix.com/etay-herz-portfolio#
Hope you liked it will upload a longer animation clip of him soon :)

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