TWENTY years after the hell of Apartheid, 34 miners were gunned down by the South African police force, bringing into question the qualities of the newfound democracy under the ANC.

After 1994, South Africa was a symbol of hope but today the country shows signs of despair. The massacre shines a light on the insidious history of mining.

Despite the many fruits of freedom, unemployment, poverty and inequality have grown to unsustainably higher levels – making South Africa the most unequal society on earth. In scenes reminiscent of the 1980s, the townships and workplaces are all up in arms clamouring for decent public services and living wages.

In the documentary we meet A FATHER who lost his son, a WIDOW with no money to feed her family, and a MINER as they grapple with the ramifications of the tragic atrocity and go on their own personal journeys in search of answers.

MINING FOR POWER explores these issues by interweaving these personal accounts into an investigation that unpacks the connection between the lucrative business of mining and the powers that rule the country. Questioning how much ordinary South Africans, since the formal end of Apartheid, have really benefited from democracy.

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