Momentum is a video about future technologies. These technologies, that we already know a little bit, are going to evolve exponentially in the next 50 years. Our societies are going to be turned complitely upside down thanks to the convergence of N.B.I.C. technologies. This convergence includes : Nano technology which is going to interact with extremely small scales up to the molecular level. Bio technologies that studies life and particularly genomics. Information technology that sees the number of transistors on a silicium chip double every year while keeping a constant price. And last but not least Cognitive science, that is the exploration and the comprehension of the human brain and the science of artificial intelligence.

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Model : Camille Lemaitre
Make up : Faustine Hornok
Developper : Susana Sanchez
Studio assitant : Mathieu Dieleman
Special thanks to Michel Maidenberg

Music : Fog - Nosaj Thing

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