I worked with Sifu Leo Au Yeung (choreographer for the Ip Man movies) to create this film. Filmed over the space of a year and spanning all four seasons, The Spirit of Kung Fu is an introduction to a number of different kung fu styles including:

Wing Chun
Hung Gar
Choi Lee Fut
Tiger and Crane
Iron Wire Fist
and many more...

The video showcases form demonstrations, application examples (including weapons) and also a history of each style.

I am not a martial arts practitioner myself, but once I was introduced to these styles I knew that I wanted to make a film about them. I wanted especially to make people aware of martial arts styles which they may not have realised even existed, because without an interest or a willingness to learn, these art forms which have been perfected over generations may die out forever. And that would honestly be a real shame.

So hit play and see what happens! Please contact me if you have any queries at all. Enjoy!

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