The Tele-roulette is a reworked retro transistor TV that broadcasts a constant stream of random videos plucked off

Search engines are determining our sources of information, guiding us towards what they believe we want through increasingly complex heuristics. As a result we are fed only a small slice of the possibilities the Internet has to offer.

The motivation for Tele-Roulette is to monitor the pulse of the web and capture the zeitgeist of the Internet through a stream of random videos.

The result – different every time, but most likely intriguing, then dull, then disturbing, then really really funny.

The diversity and volume of visual information gathered is filtered through a familiar "old" technology, the TV set, which is rapidly becoming obsolete as a Radio Frequency (RF) content provider. Employing a television instead of a web browser helps to ground and contextualise the changes in media consumption we have been subject to since the advent of Internet streaming.

We are deluged with options and configuration possibilities these days. Tele-roulette is a solution to this. Just sink onto the couch and switch on the box.

The videos of tele-roulette are found objects for the 21st century, discarded fragments of people's lives uploaded and then swiftly forgotten. The limitless stream of content pays homage to the 19th century concept of the sublime.

The Tele-Roulette is powered by Raspberry Pi hardware and openFrameworks software.

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