Yes, I finally solo backpacked abroad for the first time! The adventure part of the 6-day trip are mostly the ones I experienced when I'm not using my phone's camera and my bulky DSLR, but this is a good thing. This video diary would hardly show you, but this trip has truly been my greatest adventure yet. My heart is very grateful for every kind soul I've crossed paths with. Thank you for making this a life experience I wouldn't forget.

Quick Background: I'm a Survivor super fan! So for my first ever solo trip, I decided I wanted to go to the first ever shoot location of Survivor (Borneo). During my research phase, I realized there wasn't an easy way to get to it since all required having to get a packaged tour from travel agencies. But since I don't have that much money, I decided to do-it-yourself this trip. I rode a provincial bus, hitched a ride several times, talked to locals who can't speak in English via acting out the words, traded my Pesos for Ringgits because there were no money changers and banks, and so much more.

I'd say the highlight of this trip was reaching Pulau Tiga (the Survivor island) and then dancing on the shoreline to my favorite music. I was alone on that beach but even if there were other people, I would have still danced from being overjoyed.

Music: Pumping Blood - NONONO (I was listening and dancing to this song all along this trip. Thank you Spotify Premium!)

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