There are vintage dresses, and then there's Eileen's gorgeous vintage dress. Her mother wore it on her wedding day. And her Grandmother before her. Granted, it's been altered and customized to make it so beautifully modern, but what a powerful sentiment to have with you on your day.
Derek and Eileen met while attending Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine. After time, and deciding to get married, they had one more hurtle before graduation: placement. When they do their residency they will be assigned a school after applying to many, however the odds of them randomly getting placed in the same state let alone the same hospital aren't great, so they decided to apply together even if it meant forfeiting their top pick (Denver).
I was honored not only to film their wedding and rehearsal, but also to be there two weeks earlier at their residency program match day as they opened their envelope to find out where they would be for the next five or so years. What an emotional day that was for so many!
Another great bit here is that midway into this video you'll get to hear one of my favorite parts, and that's the love song that Eileen's brother Kevin wrote for the couple. He did an incredible job.
Enough words, dive in! And congratulations again to Derek + Eileen, I hope you're loving your new home, and will for years to come!

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