Yuma Abe, came in 2nd place in “BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI” contest along with the top riders from the world in 2014. It became a busy season for Yuma. In “JIB MEET” that he produces, Yuma got involved in creating WEB movie, held an event in March, and also participated aggressively to shootings in overseas. In addition to his riding at his home mountain, Ishiuchi Maruyama ski area, a film that gathered riding of his friends, have been released.

”BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI”では海外ライダーに混ざり2位入賞。自身がプロデュースしたプロジェクト”JIB MEET”ではWEBムービーの製作に携わり、3月にはイベントを開催。海外でのシューティングにも積極的に参加するなど、2014シーズンもめまぐるしい動きみせた阿部祐麻。ホームとなる石打丸山スキー場でのライディングに加え、フレンズたちのライディングが集約されたパートが公開した。

Rider: Yuma Abe, Naoki Inomae, Hajime Hirano, Kaede Yasunaga, Hayate Yasunaga, Mikuto Yamamura and Goki.

Music:"Old School" performed by Nehemiah Flow ft. Ryan Field

RYUSEI TAKAHASHI Whistler Blackcomb Park Footage 2014 / vimeo.com/101500681
RYO EGUCHI Park Footage 2014 / vimeo.com/96560686


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