Published on Jul 3, 2014
This is my cover of Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia and a bit motivation for my audition piece.

Be your best self & live their life on your terms. If not now... when? If not this... then what? Throw caution to the wind and freaking play BIG!!!! The world needs it, your friends need it, your kids need it, your spouse needs it, your dog needs it, your students need it, your co-workers need it, your parents need it... the world needs YOU at your best, authentic self! Imagine what this world would look like if we ALL played at 100%!?!?

(Insert chills here... are you feeling it!!!? I AM)!!

Who's up for playing big, looking fab and feeling their best?

#aspirehigher #jointhemovementtoday #startyourlife

Thanks for listening :)

*I own no rights to this song.

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