Eyesity is a comprehensive system of parental protection, which will allow you to
control your child's actions on the computer, the tablet and the phone.

Eyesity immediately after the installation blocks the access to dangerous content such
as pornography and violence.

You can set time limits on the use of websites and applications.
For example, you want Facebook to be available only for an hour a day.

Eyesity also allows you to set time limits for the entire computer.
For example, you want your child to use the computer for up to 2 hours a day.

You can see the child's actions for a day, a week, and for any range of dates.
It's easy to see what at a time is displayed on the screen of your child's computer by using the screen capture.

Addiction to the computer is the most common mental illness of the twenty-first century.
Protect your child from them.
Turn on Eyesity.

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