Shot breakdown!
1. From "Love Abridged" team project. Lighting and art direction lead.
2. Hallway. Model from
3. Carnival. Model from
1. Fruit, candles, wine. Fruit model from Other models by me. Shaded using RSL and 3Delight renderer.
2. Cheese. Subsurface scattering focus. Shaded using RSL and 3Delight renderer.
3. "Love Abridged" credit goodie. Maya and mental ray.
1. Paper and book clutter for office set. Modeled in Maya.
2. Mechanical Creature: Moth. Modeled in Blender.
3. Human head. Modeled in Blender.
Character animation blocking. Maya.

Music: Kid Is Frangin - Podington Bear

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- Melissa

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