Take a journey with professor Bob Friedhoffer to the New York Hall of Science and learn all about illusions & perception!

"Optical Illusions & Perception" is about just that, it's a lesson on perception and how easily our brains are tricked. The episode begins in the lab with a three part spiral illusion until the professor flushes himself down the pipes and ends up at the New York Hall of Science, where we get to explore the optical effects of a "distorted" Aims room. We eventually end up traveling to Washington Square Park in NYC, to watch Professor Bob perform a magic trick!

Featuring: Professor Bob Friedhoffer

Special thanks to the New York Hall of Science.

Created, written, produced & edited by Brian A. Bernhard

Videographers: Kalin Ivanov, Duane Ferguson, Amaurys Rodriguez & Darrell Brown

Music by Carmela Sinco

A Blight Production

For more of our work please visit: blightproductions.com

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