Ukrainian Road Map

“After having discovered a region’s image through the ambient air which despite its immobility doesn’t seem so dead, there was nothing left to do as to leave that place. Overcoming this distance, every receptor activates, you renew your board diary, which has been rubbed out and lost its clarity, so it is necessary from time to time to return back to life. All information is preserved in a journal: you write down for yourself every turn, every parking spot, all checkpoints, distances between gas stations and bars, prices at those gas stations and bars, busy hours of refuellers and prostitutes, who everybody knows here, every broken truck, totally eviscerated inside, every figure at the crossroad, every funeral, it is impossible to overtake them, also it seems that you diligently follow a funeral procession and you can’t get in front of it and find out, what in fact starts behind the border of our life.”

The last premiere of the season will be in the form of a site- specific road- trip! The action starts at Náplavka, where the audience boards a ship and crosses the Vltava. You will gain access to such places that usually stay hidden from inhabitants of Prague. The audience lands off a ship next to Lihovar. The following part takes place on the summer stage at the bar called U Kozy. The play reaches its fever pitch at MeetFactory.

The text of this open- air play is based on short stories by contemporary Ukrainian authors Serhiy Zhadan (Big Mac), Oksana Zabuzhko (Field Work In Ukrainian Sex; Sister, Sister) and Yuriy Vynnychuk (Chachacha). Those unjustly not-as-well-known authors respond in their unique postmodernist style to the paradoxes of the post - industrial eastern society. Their short gripping stories take place along the way.

Get on board with us and discover madmen, bohemians, intellectuals and alcoholics from our neighbor's eastern countries!

Stage direction: Ewa Zembok
Stage direction: Jana Hauskrechtová
Dramaturgy: Matěj Samec
Production: Dominika Andrašková
Starring: Viktorie Čermáková, Šimon Krupa, Dana Marková, Tomáš Havlínek, Jacob Erftemeijer

Video: ©
Editing, filming: Dmytro Kryvenko -

Music: Alex Nademski & Illaria - Променем

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