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Brett Mazurek (Director/Editor) - is an award winning director/editor and digital media activist with a passion for guerrilla style filming that has taken him across the globe. His mission is empowering action & unifying community through storytelling that integrates inspired visuals and the power of music as a messenger for conscious, positive transformation in a way that is uplifting and fun. Based in Venice Beach, California, Brett is currently creating in a variety of conscious media encompassing filmmaking, documentary, music visuals & web-based television.

For musician and social activist Michael Franti, Brett is shooting and editing visuals for both his live stage shows and web-based community media for his latest album, All People. As well, he and the Franti team are collaborating on an innovative, transformation-based music video and media campaign.

Brett just wrapped a successful first season of web-based family series, “Mermaid Miracles” which mixes reality, imagination and magic to provide our kids with positive, family and community based media as a seed to inspire their dreams and become value-driven leaders of their generation. The series has blossomed into a viral sensation with over 8 million views and is currently in development for its second season, furthering the social and ecological intention and offering healthy media that transcends the corporate media paradigm.

With his San Francisco based team, Brett has just completed his sophomore documentary, entitled “The Future of Energy” currently premiering on the film festival circuit. The film lays out an approach to sustainability and renewable energy which is simple, attainable and easily integrated into all of our lives.

Brett’s debut documentary, “Diamonds in the Rough”, the story of Ugandan youth finding their voice through Hip Hop, won three awards and featured in film festivals throughout the world. He has also produced, directed and edited over 30 music videos for a collection of artists in his global community. Aside from film, Brett’s work has also included photography, deejay/music and humanitarian/philanthropic-based travel.

Brett’s diverse range of subject matter is united by his intention to build the communal spirit and deepen experience through multimedia. He believes we can collectively empower each other to create lasting change, build a heroic community, and do it all with the spirit of fun & love.

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