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The Live-Video collective, which is realizing visualisations and visualisation-concepts for events with electronic or classical music, for theatres, literature evenings or for instalative works, has in the yesteryears acquired renown through numerous performances and projects in the swiss club and event scene.

Searching new collages made from image, video, light and music the members of the crew develop the unconventional. They are intentionally pushing technical and formal limits and let the energy of the music, the location and the crowd influence their works.

The interplay of music and image is providing a space for artistic and contentual realizations, developing a special atmosphere in the current context. The effect of the visuals originates from improvising together at performances dealing with the here and now, and exploring new visual realizations.

The different approaches and flavors of the members are interacting and let emerge new interpretations which are gradually developing throughout the performance.

Only the research of samples is common between the visualists – without boundaries! They draw, animate, film and photograph or bring back videos from their voyages to the backmost places of the Internet.

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