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Photography by Sascha Unger

I was born in Germany and a few years down the track I studied interior design for 4.5 years. Photography was one of the minor subjects.
In 2001 I took on a full time job as graphic designer and art director in a major advertising agency in Munich/Germany and there was very little time for photography at all. After three and a half years I left my job to travel around Australia.
Now I live on the North West Cape in Western Australia, with the Ningaloo Reef at my doorstep. Having a passion for diving made it quite apparent that I had to capture underwater images as well. My company aabz-imaging was found in May 2007, with a postcard series about Ningaloo Reef.
I shoot with 21.1 mega pixel full frame digital SLR cameras on land and underwater accompanied with highest quality lenses and slowly start to venture into video & filming with the 5DMkII.

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