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Our Mission:

In today's society there are many evils. Far too people live in fear and hate of things they don't understand.

There are many forms of discrimination such as racism, sexism and ableism. While of course being against discrimination in all its forms, we have come to the conclusion that homophobia is the one which is considered 'acceptable', as there is not enough being done to change misconceptions and punish those who are homophobic.

It is not acceptable.

We have two main aims here at AAHB ~

1. To prevent, combat and seek to end prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of a person's sexuality, not only in legislation but in attitude

2. To provide advice and support to victims of homophobic bullying and abuse, be it physical or verbal

Feel free to come to this group for help and advice. Joining will help the campaign grow.

Thank you!

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