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Seattle, Washington

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Aaron Baggenstos is an Award-winning professional nature and wildlife photographer from Seattle, Washington. Aaron has captured images across the Pacific Northwest, the US, Canada, Europe, South America, and Africa. His photographs have been featured on television newscasts, in magazines, newspapers, and numerous web articles. He is well known for his limited edition coffee table books that sell at retailers ranging from Barnes and Noble to Costco. Wildlife of Juanita Bay (sold out), Wildlife of Lake Washington, and his newest title Pacific Northwest Wildlife all display Aaron’s awe inspiring wildlife images. In the Fall of 2011 Aaron co-hosted two episodes of the hit PBS television Series “Wild Photo Adventures” with Doug Gardner which aired internationally on PBS.

Aaron’s Gallery is currently under construction but more of his images can be viewed on his portfolio page, in his books, and throughout AaronsTours.com.

Along with guiding tours and instructing photography workshops over 100 days a year, Aaron also enjoys public speaking and presenting slideshows. To date he has spoken at multiple Audubon chapters and birding groups, National Wildlife Refuges, book stores, and other local interest groups.

Through his work Aaron hopes to inspire others to photograph, enjoy, and take action to protect, local and worldwide ecosystems.


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