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Aaron used to be an all around media guy, which landed him a job as Creative Director at a design firm in San Francisco, working with people from around the globe. Atlas he soon got homesick and decided to cash it all in for the thrill of owning his own business. In early 2013 he teamed up with three photographers and founded The Artist Loft @ 66 in the Tampa Bay area, a co-work and collaborative studio that equips creative professionals with the resources they need to be successful in a highly competitive marketplace. He's now focused on providing excellent resources to the members of his studio, awesome cinematic video for clients and super sweet stock photos for Lightstock. He's always down for a good conversation about history, science and fiction and will often enlighten you with random facts. He also loves Rockstar, the magical-ness of duct tape and chocolate milk.

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  1. Just listened to that studio show. This work is legit.
  2. AaronCreates commented on ORPHAN
    That's was legit as shit. What is the origin of the narrative ?