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I am an Adelaide based Director of Photography whose experience encompasses a myriad of fields, including cinema and television drama, TV and cinema commercials, documentaries, music videos and corporate content. My passion for the image began in the early nineties, when I started my working life as a graphic design artist and a commercial stills photographer. From there, it was a seamless transition into cinematography. I’ve worked at several production companies throughout my career, including Kojo as their in-house DOP.

My work has taken me all over the world and has included a diverse tapestry of production, working with the likes of Sir David Attenborough, Berbers of the Sahara, Masai Warriors, World Presidents and Parisian fashion designers, to name a few. I am extremely accustomed to the rigorous task of filming abroad and have shot extensively across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, New Zealand and all corners of Australia.

I have many years experience as a Director of Photography and my ability to work with speed, accuracy and artistic focus has been recognised with countless awards for best cinematography in the fields of cinema and television drama, cinema and television advertising, documentaries and music videos. I have DP’d main and second unit cinema release features including Touch, Beautiful, Rogue and numerous short films as well as DOP for the television drama series Sam Fox Extreme Adventures. Some examples of my music video portfolio include working with The Hilltop Hoods and Deni Hines.

I compliment my aesthetic skills with strong technical efficiency. I have worked proficiently with current formats including Arri Alexa, RED Dragon, RED Epic, RED Scarlett, Blackmagic 4K & 2.5K, Sony FS7, F65, F55, F35, A7S, SRW9000 and Canon DSLR’s. This experience allows me to work in an extensive range of shooting styles, scales and conditions.

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