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Chattanooga, TN

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I am the Founder and Technical Lead of Easy Designs, a web development consultancy focused on helping businesses elegantly tackle the challenges of presented by all these crazy screens you see everywhere.

I am an Invited Expert to the World Wide Web Consortium’s Responsive Images Community Group, a Rosenfeld Media Expert specializing in front-end web design technologies and techniques, the Founder and Publisher of Web Standards Sherpa, and the Founder of the Chattanooga Open Device Lab. I also co-founded the event series Code & Creativity and Retreats 4 Geeks. I’m also a former Manager of the Web Standards Project (WaSP).

I wrote the web design book Jeffrey Zeldman calls “a modern classic”: Adaptive Web Design. I’ve contributed to a few other books, have written a ton of articles, and helped shape dozens more during my tenure as Tech Editor for the esteemed magazine A List Apart.

I live and work in beautiful Chattanooga, TN with my lovely and talented partner Kelly McCarthy.

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