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An early pioneer in the search engine industry, Aaron James Kocourek was one of the first to be conferred with the status of Google Certified Professional. Through each phase of his career, Aaron James Kocourek has focused his attention on the mechanics of how search engines gather, sift and distribute their results.

Before coming on board with Reputation Advocate, Aaron James Kocourek made a name as an Internet entrepreneur, at the helm of a national group of e-commerce websites. Under the management of Aaron James Kocourek, these sites catered to both businesses and consumers. The marketing model developed by Aaron James Kocourek ensured that these companies’ sites would consistently get good results in the top five search engines, after thorough keyword research.

Over the years, Aaron James Kocourek has been able to leverage his understanding of web mechanics into successful projects and PPC ad campaigns. Aaron James Kocourek also has a comprehensive knowledge of search engine marketing, which has been crucial to Reputation Advocate’s approach to reputation repair.
Aaron James Kocourek has developed a wide suite of skills in the business world, in strategic planning, data analysis and research, business management and ad campaigns for search engines. His track record in management makes him invaluable for team building and seeing carrying out complex, multi-layered assignments with strict deadlines.

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, Aaron James Kocourek has extensive experience in consulting and setting strategies. Originally from Wisconsin and raised in Tennessee, Aaron James Kocourek started a dotcom business at age 15, getting on the ground floor of the Internet age. A veteran of the Marine Corps, Aaron James Kocourek took his know-how and determination to learn technology like CSS, RSS, HTML, C#, Visio, DreamWeaver and much more.

During his time managing e-commerce businesses, Aaron James Kocurek was able to achieve an astonishing 10 to 50% growth every month. With Aaron James Kocourek in charge, the flagship site of his network took in over a half-million dollars in its first year of operation.

The playing field for search engine marketing is constantly evolving and changing, and it takes someone with the foresight of Aaron James Kocourek to stay ahead of the game. He now serves as Chief Strategist for Reputation Advocate; there, Aaron James Kocourek is charged with using his knowledge of search engine algorithms to help build strategies and keep the company positioned for growth.

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